Meet Pascale, the founder of Bazar Bizar

Pascale and Anthony in Bali

In honor of International Women’s Day, we interviewed our founder Pascale Pelsmaekers.

What is your professional background?
I’ve been working as a model for more than 30 year.

Where did the idea to start Bazar Bizar come from?
My husband had some restaurants in the past. I helped him with the decoration and people liked the things we’ve had in the restaurant. So they started to ask where I bought these and wanted some advice and inspiration for their home or business. We travel a lot, and we came by the idea to open a shop in the restaurant. People had to pass my shop to go to the bathroom. So that was a big winner.

When my husband sold his business, he wanted to start a new life and tried to help me with Bazar Bizar. So he came up by the idea to do the fair in Paris and wanted to know if we can grow and make both our living.

It was a hit from the first minutes we arrived.

I would recommend this decision for everyone!

What does Bazar Bizar mean to you?
My passion

Is it essential for you to be your own boss?
Yes … I’ve always worked as an independent, and I come from a family of entrepreneurs.

Do you have a message for women with a keen interest for entrepreneurship?
Find your passion, Follow your dreams and begin your adventure.

“Be prepared to work hard and sacrifice and above all … never give up!” ~ Pascale

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