From palm to high-end lighting

Lamp production in Bali Lamp production in Bali

All our lamps are 100% craftmanship, thereby each of them is unique. Bazar Bizar takes care of the entire production process: from production all the way to delivery. The brand pays particular attention to good working conditions, high-quality finishing and guarantee fair wages for their workers.

We place an order with a local supplier, who is in charge of the complete order. He allocates the order among the various subcontractors, which are in most cases his family, friends and acquaintances.

In the production of our lamps mainly raffia and rattan palm are used. After harvesting, these are dried, cured in an oil bath, bleached and deglazed (to remove silicified epidermis and fumigation).

The supplier is responsible for the punctual delivery and quality of the products. Furthermore, he also owns a large storage facility for collecting, storing and finishing the products.

Our team carries out the final inspection for each product on the site, which gives them the chance to fine-tune the products.

Every item offered by Bazar Bizar is both ecological and fair trade, which we intend to keep that way in the future.

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